Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Citi-Block Floor Plans for Judge Dredd

In my A to Z of the 80s, D was for Dungeon Floors and I included an honourable mention of the Judge Dredd Slaughter Margin boxed set and the rarer Citi-Block floorplans.

Citi-Block Floorplans

I have never thought too much about them and to be honest I just thought that Citi-Block was just more floorplans in the style of Slaughter Margin (which I own) with some additional counters.  I never had the incentive to buy it. 

That was until I saw this excellent Youtube video which details so much more.

Having now learned that the box includes rules on generating your own city blocks I am utterly gutted that I never picked this up back in the day.  

Copies now command a princely sum on eBay!!


  1. I acquired a digital copy of these in, um, a game of chance. Let me know if you would like (cough) to peruse them.

    I really think the secondary market is mental some times.

    You should be able to guess my Gmail address.

  2. Hi there, thanks, I also found them in the usual spot online. I was most intrigued by the cityblock generator which I plan to use in my upcoming Sabvage Dredd game. But thanks for the offer.