Sunday, 9 January 2022

The Great Human vs AI Challenge

Did you know that it is almost 25 years since Skynet became self aware?  I thought I would test whether or not the old girl was still up to snuff.

The Challenge

Play 10 games of Race For The galaxy on my iPad whilst I am walking up in the morning (see I'm already finding reasons why I lose), log all the win scores and then crunch the numbers in excel.

The Ultimate Challenge - Race for the Galaxy (R4TG)
The Ultimate Challenge - Race for the Galaxy

Only completed games are recorded and there is no quitting except in the event of a game crash (it happens surprisingly often).  The AIs are set on Hard and play uses all the expansions available (New Worlds, Gathering Storm, Rebels vs Imperium and Brink of War).
It will be interesting to know if any patterns emerge among the AIs and whether or not my win rate improves as I play more games.
I have done this challenge before in the first lockdown and despite playing 1000 games I only managed a 25% win rate which is probably the same as the random chance score in an ESP Test.

Race for the Galaxy The RPG?

Unlike other CCGs like Magic the Gathering, R4TG has no  flavour text on the cards despite the huge potential to do so contained within the theme. 

If you are active on Instagram check out @r4tg_2022 which is one person's personal project to add a narrative roleplaying element as he plays the game.

Score So Far

As I write this I am 1 week into the challenge with 70 games completed.  Scores on the doors please George Dawes!
Rt4G - The AI vs Human Challenge - Week 1
  • AI 1 - Strongest player Win Rate: 37%, Average Score: 47.5, Average Win Score: 60.5

  • AI 2 - 3rd strongest player: 25.7%, Average Score: 42.3, Average Win Score: 53.9

  • AI 3 - 2nd strongest player - Win Rate:30%, Average Score: 45.7, Average Win Score: 43.4
  • Me - Weakest player - Win Rate: 12.9%, Average Score: 38.1, Average Win Score: 62.8  
The average score per game is 43.4 but the average score to win a game is 58.0 which means that AI 2 and AI 3 are winning with much lower than average scores.

Galactic Council Report

What a diabolical start to the challenge. Lets hope that my play improves considerably going forward.

If, like me, you think that Race for the Galaxy is the greatest card game ever invented shout out in the comments below and if you have a Race for the Galaxy blog send me the link.

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