Sunday 11 March 2018

Prog 6 - Vive La Resistance

A continuing series of session reports from my current Judge Dredd game using Starblazer Adventures rules. 

Moma Fratelli courtesy of Brian Daigle on Dribble

Wallace sees a silhouetted figure in the cab of the truck and fires a GP round through the right window.  A miss.  Still positions himself strategically behind the office wall and serves up a slice of justice pie with a three round burst of HE rounds hitting ED209's left gun pod and blowing off some panels.  Que likewise fires an HE round at ED209 further damaging it's left gun pod.  Holmes tries for the truck's rear door handle and as it begins to move away she leaps onto the rear step.  ED209 strafes Steel and Que's positions hitting Que in the left arm shattering her radius.  Call Me Edd rams the truck punching his loading prongs through the metal door sandwiching Holmes between the truck and it's torso.  The truck drives out of the loading bay carrying Holmes and EDD with it.

Fearing that the truck will make a clean gettaway, Judge Wallace throws a bleeper onto the side of the truck. Steel fires another three shot burst of HE at ED209 damaging his right gun pod.  Que follows suit firing a three shot burst which only does superficial damage to ED209's carapace.  Holmes climbs up Edd's loading prongs and clambers onto the droids large domed head.  ED209 stomps through packing crates to close the gap on Steel.  A case of squeaky toys explodes like a shower as twin rockets emerge from the wardroids gun pods.   With a woosh they shoot towards Judge Steel missing him entirely and blowing a huge hole in the wall to his right and blowing the main building doors to his left to smithereens.

Calling for his Lawmaster, Judge Wallace jumps down into the truck pit firing off an HE round at the trucks rear tires causing one of them to explode.  The truck rocks violently left and right.  Steel fires another three shot burst at ED209's damaged carapace hitting with one round.  Smoke begins to pur out of the hole as Steel calls his bike "To me!"  Que spots that ED209 is directly below one of the roof beams supporting the massive reinforced concrete floor slab above.  She shoots an HE at the beam which buckles and creaks as the heavy floor  bows and sags.  Holmes, clings onto the truck roof like a human spider, slowly edging towards the cab.  The truck careens around the corner onto 76th Street and Call Me Edd is thrown violently off the truck across the street and slams into the building opposite.  It's single menacing red eye flickers and dies.  With an unmistakeable gutteral roar Wallace's Lawmaster leaps through the destroyed front doors and into the warehouse.  The Lawmaster's superior combat computer immediately identifies the vintage war droid as a threat and fires it's cyclops laser at ED209 melting off the joint between the torso and the right leg.  ED209 hits the floor, it's chicken like legs flapping about in panic.

In hot pusuit Wallace fires another HE round at the front right tire, blowing off the entire wheel.  Que spots ED209's energy cell through the tangled mass of wires and circuitry.  Thrusting her fist through the sparking mess she triumphantly rips out the energy cell.  As Holmes crawls towards the front of the truck, the vehicle veers violently to the right and crashes into the warehouse wall throwing her onto the glass roof of the cab.  Wallace runs around the rear of the truck as Steel arrives on his bike accompanied by Holmes's Lawmaster.

"Citizen you are under arrest, prepared to be judged" orders Steel.

As the driver stumbles out of the cab, obviously concussed, Holmes drops onto him and they both crash to the floor.  Wallace pulls Holmes to her feet and then drops on the perp.  Steel dismounts and cuffs the perp's hands behind his back and drags him to his feet.  A male in his mid to late 20s, he wears a black and white stripey turtleneck jumper and a beret.  Que arrives round the back of the truck on her bike and gives Holmes the sniffer.  As they open the doors the sniffer needle bounces off the end of the scale but the truck is empty.  The Nitro-9 was definitely here but it has long since been unloaded.

Fratellis Pizza Wareouse Crime Scene - Click to Enlarge

Under interrogation, the perp is identified as Marcel Le Peu.  He admits to transporting the Nitro-9 but defiantly informs the Judges that they are too late and it has already made it onto the streets.  Running Marcel's ID through their bike computers the Judges discover that he has an older brother, Pepe.  Another career criminal, Pepe is at large, having most recently been released two years ago for handling stolen goods, his registered address is 258–33 Mitterand Mansions.  Despite having facing a 70 year stretch for numerous crimes, Marcel is uncooperative and resists further interrogation shouting "Vive La Resistance!".

Faced with closing down a uge crime scene the Judges call for immediate backup and Tech Support. Judge Belloch confirms the order and despatches an entire clean up crew.  With the discovery of a cache of weapons and a homicidal War Droid the investigation has been upgraded and an hour later Judge Hiro joins the patrol to bolster their numbers.

The contents of the warehouse are summarily catalogued by Tech Judges and forensic accountants.  The cacge includes a number of interesting items including several cases of guns, ammo, riot foam and anti-personnel grenades destined for several Citi-Def units in the Eurozone such as Berlusconi Block, Mitterand Maisons, Merkel Mansiona and Costa Blanca Conapts.

Mega City One - Sector 55 - The Eurozone

Judge Que receives medical attention from the support crew who put a synthi-cast on her arm.  They head for Mitterand Maisons whilst Holmes attempts to contact her stoolie Jimmy the Spiv.

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