Saturday, 2 February 2013

On The Workbench: Ral Partha Oni & Ogre Mage - Part 2

Last week I rediscovered a couple of mini's in an old toolbox

The Ral Partha Oni, being human sized, is finished.  Red is always such a difficult colour to paint, especially over my chosen black base coat, but I think this has come out okay, although my crap photos don't do it justice.

Oni (RP 53-908)
The Ogre Mage is about half painted...

Ogre Mage (RP 11-05)

The green Hakama look great, but the blue in the kimono is not what I'm after, it just looks too blue, rather than a bluey grey.  Still undecided what colour I'm going to do the arms, possibily a dark grey with dark red/gold armour plates. the cords will be picked out in a contrasting bright colour.