Saturday, 1 January 2022

Surf's Up - 15mm Judge Dredd Sky Surfers

In preparation for my next Judge Dredd Savage Worlds game at Dragons Keep Roleplay Club, I've been printing and painting like a banshee.  I covered this in my post about 15mm Judge Dredd Civillian Vehicles but now the Sky Surfers are complete.

Judge Dredd Sky Surfers Midnight Surfer Chopper

Supersurf 7 and the Midnight Surfer

Illegal competitive Sky Surfing was first introduced to the Dredd universe in the Midnight Surfer story (Progs 424 thru 429) and one of the iconic thrill packed stories which I devoured when I was a kid. Prog 425 has a great line-up of the contenders which I used as the inspiration for my surf dudes.

Judge Dredd Super Surf 7 Contenders

The Competitors

Supersurf 7 had a huge number of entrants, 57 in total, and many got no more than a partial reference in text or their name printed on the bottom of their boards.   
  • Dak Goodvibes - The first ever supersurf champion, and recently released from a five year stretch in Mega City Two's cubes, wipes out and gets impaled on a spikey sculpture at the Fountain of Yooth.
  • Yogi Yakamoto - Current World Champ from the Fuji Territories in Hondo Cit gets knocked off his board by a truck's wing mirror in the Manfred Fox tunnel and saved at the last moment by Chopper.
  • Natilda Stank - Aka The Flying Ozzer was arrested by Dredd an ultimately gave up the final route of the race, the Manfred Fox tunnel.  
  • Klaus Reich - Shot and killed by a Judge
  • Johnny Cuba - Gets squished in one of the Phoenix Scraps vehicle crushers
  • Caruso - Crashed into the OkeyDokey Man and then headfirst through a Chemicool truck windscreen causing a multi vehicle pileup on the Kranski Zoomway.
  • Fargo - Shot and killed by Judge
  • Crazy Kwezi - Shot and killed by a Judge
  • Tijuana Pino - Shot and killed by a Judge
  • Marlon "Chopper" Shakespeare - Arrested after winning Super Surf 7 and saving Yakamoto's life. 
Chopper returns in the epic 26 episode story Judge Dredd in Oz (Progs 545 thru 570) where escapes the iso cubes and journeys to Oz to participate in Supersurf 10.  Good vibes indeed.

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  1. Is "Chopper" the same guy who Dredd brings with him into the Cursed Earth when they drive the Killdozer? Or am I thinking of someone else? It's been a long time and I'm far from my 2000 AD collections at the moment.