Monday, 15 March 2021

Reaper Bones #31 - Snake Kin, Medusa and a 6 Armed Snake Lady

More scaley monstrosities on Miniature Monday.

I confess, when painting my lizardmen last week I had the green pot of paint open and I just went for it.  The added bonus is that my lizardmen have at least two bad guys that they could be working for.

From left to right we have:

Vandorendra, Snakeman Warrior and Medusa

Vandorendra, Snake Demon (SKU 77117) - Julie Guthrie

Julie Guthrie knocks it out of the park again with theis crazy looking sculpt which will fit right into my Al-Quadim campaigns.  A truly frightening six bladed whirling dervish of a boss monster which looks like it just jumped out of Ray Harryhausen's sketchbook.

In Forgotten Realms these are also known as the Marilith, Type V demons who are apparently master tacticians to the Abyssal Hordes (which is nice) so all you D&Ders have a ready to use stat block thanks to the the D&D Wiki.  Apparently they made their first appearance back in 1e so they have been a feature of Dungeons & Dragons for as long as I have been a player and I have never encountered one.  A situation I must remedy immediately. 

Snakeman Warrior (SKU 77153) - Julie Guthrie

The thing that has always puzzled me about snakemen is how do they move around.  I mean they don't have the body length to form the S shape typically associated with snake locomotion.  Never mind this guy comes with two really big swords meaning he can still reach you. 

Medusa (SKU 77037) - Bobby Jackson

Of course no mythical fantasy monster collector would be seen dead without at least one medusa in their miniature collection.  Bobby Jackson nails it with this sculpt which is only made better by me stringing that naked bow with a bit of sewing thread and superglue.

Bones Progress

Reaper Bones: 245 - Painted: 122

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