Tuesday, 2 March 2021

To Boldly Puzzle Where no Man has Puzzled Before

The above statement is not strictly true as this Star Trek TOS 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle was gifted to me by a friend (Thanks Louise) and I am sure that it has been put together by several puzzlers.

It has been many decades since I've done a jigsaw of this size and I had forgotten how backbreakingly frustrating it was.  I am a recent subscriber to YouTuber Karen Puzzles and used some of her techniques like colour sorting and edgefinding, but it still took the best part of six hours to complete.  

However, once complete there is an enormous sense of satisfaction that your pattern matching skills are still up to scratch and that you pushed yourself through the pain barrier.  Plus it's fun playing spot the character and episode.

Can you find the Lava Monster of Janus IV?

1000 Piece Star Trek TOS Jigsaw Puzzle

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