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Newsround 21st to 27th March 2021

My weekly roundup of news and what I found on the internet. 

UK Games Expo Friday 30th July to Sunday 1st August 2021

The biggest tabletop games convention in the UK has announced it's dates for 2021.

Due to venue refurbishment this is going to be a much smaller event than in previous years but I for one am glad to see it still taking place after the disaster that was 2020.  Fingers crossed.

More details on the UK Games Expo website.

UK Games Expo Flyer

History Professors runs same DnD game for 39 years

Imagine running the same Dungeons and Dragons campaign since 1982  That's exactly what Robert Wardhaugh of London, Ontario has done for the past 39 years.

Robert Wardhaugh - Playing the same game since 1982
Robert Wardhaugh - Playing the same game since 1982
Pic: from CNN article

He regularly posts photos on his instagram account @The_gamednd and has amassed a collection of some 20,000 miniatures.  He even has a Hall of Heroes which celebrates every character who has reached level 25.  You can read more about Robert, the game and the world over at his website

Amazing Hand Built Puzzle Furniture by David Lundell

Sometimes the YouTube recommendations algorithm just nails it and this is how I found the amazing carpentry creations of David Lundell.  Check him out he has just about something for everyone.

Oumcraft Floating Eyeball Dice

Ask a roleplayer if they have enough dice and they will reply "You can never have enough dice".  So who could resist these awesome floating eyeball dice. 

There appears to be a trend of people casting their own dice with things embedded in them.  I've seen skulls, frogs, penguins and eyeballs.  The difference with these dice is that the eyeball floats and always looks up at the number rolled.

At $59 a set (D4, D6, D8, 2 x D10, D12 & D20) they are a premium item and I'm not sure how they would compare in a randomness test against the gold standard Gamescience dice, but they look amazing.

floating eyeball dice
floating eyeball dice

Giant Metal Dice Set by Wesley Treat

Talking about dice, if you are a fan of the maker community on YouTube you will probably have heard of Wesley Treat.  He makes one off custom furniture, signs and light fixtures in an Americana style inspired by his years as a photographer trekking across the USA capturing it's disintegrating history.

Wesley takes you through the whole process of constructing the classic platonic solids we know and love.  If you have ever tried to do this yourself you know it's hard enough making it out of cardboard never mind steel.  A fascinating video and a great YouTube channel if you are at all interested in art, design or making things.

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