Sunday 14 March 2021

Newsround 7th to 13th March 2021

This week's roundup of what caught my eye on the internet.

Pacific Rim The Black

If you are a Kaiju fan then you will probably have enjoyed the two Pacific Rim movies.  The debate rages on about whether the second movie was any good and whether or not Guillermo del Toro will ever return to the franchise.  

However, this week Netflix released a 7 part anime series called Pacific Rim: The Black. 

The creators of Pacific Rim have created an engaging and epic setting and one which definitely deserves a Role Playing Game adaptation.  It blends two of the best things of of modern Japanese culture; Giant Kaiju Monsters and Gian Mecha Robots.  

What isn't to like.

8 year old Invents Kickstarter Smash Hit Dungeon Crawl Boardgame

Coraquest by Cora & Dan Huges
Coraquest by Cora & Dan Huges

CoraQuest, a dungeon crawling co-operative family boardgame, is the brainchild of Cora (8) and Dan Huges (44) who have been making game review videos as Dice Tower content creators for 4 years. 

The duo from Huddersfield started designing the game as a home schooling project during Lockdown and decided to put it on Kickstarter where it raised over £150,000.  They have garnered a slew of media interest and have been featured on the BBC and in The Guardian.

If your kids are bored of Labyrinth but too young for D&D then this could be the game for you. Pre-order Coraquest on Gamefound for a measley £30. 

Oh and for the record Dad's are awesome.

GaryCon 13 - March 25th to Sunday March 28th, Lake Geneva, USA

GaryCon is the annual D&D convention which celebrates the life and work of Gary Gygax.  Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions the event will be virtual only.  For UK Roleplayers this means that you can save money on flights and hotel accommodation and attend from the comfort of your living room.

Tabletop Events has a full run down of the game schedules over this 3 day event.


Gary Gygax - Dungeons and Dragons
Gary Gygax - Co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons

UK Boardgame Rental Service - Rent-A-Meeple

Whilst most boardgames are affordable around £30 a few can be quite expensive and they take up a lot of space, so if you are a cash and space limited boardgame fan what do you do?

You rent a boardgame.  Yes you can now rent a boardgame through Rent-A-Meeple.

Sign up to one of their monthly subscriptions from £14.99 a month and get 1 boardgame sent to you postage included.  You can keep the game as long as keep up your subscription or you can return it and replace it with a different boardgame.

As boardgamers we've all bought a game that was the new hotness or looked great on kickstarter but ended up being a lemon.  Using Rent-A-Meeple is a great way to try out that game before you buy.

There are 16 subscription options to suit every pocket and style of play and if you really like a game and want to buy it, just email the company and they will tell you if it is for sale.

Dragons Keep Affilliated with Online Games Retailer Gamessesh
The management team are hard at work behind the scenes making my Friday night game group Dragons Keep Roleplay Club one of the best in the country.  We are proud to ammounce that we are now affiliated with online games retailer Gamessesh.  Club Members get a sizeable discount at checkout.  

Details of how you can access your discount are in the Members Benefits channel on the club discord server.

Join Dragons Keep for Tabletop Roleplaying in South East London 

If you are a tabletop gamer living in Bexley, Bromley, Chislehurst, Dartford, Eltham, Greenwich, Lewisham, Orpington or Sidcup then Dragons Keep might be your local games group in South East London.  

We are passionate gamers who meet every Friday from 7pm to 11pm at our venue in Chislehurst.  We are always looking for new players and we play a wide variety of tabletop Role Playing Games in addition to Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) we play Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds and many many more.

We also organise several Games Day events throughout the year at weekends so you can satisfy your tabletop boardgame obsession.  Contact Us through our website our facebook page or our meetup page and talk to us about your passion.

We might be dragons but we don't bite.

Snarf - Thundercats
Snarf - Thundercats

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