Monday, 25 May 2020

Reaper Bones #18 - Furniture

I bet that there aren't that many people who have painted their Bones furniture.

Crypt of the Vampiress (Bob Ridolfi SKU:02990)

Vampiresse's Crypt Furniture
Crypt of the Vampiress - Buy your own
This is a neat little Gothic Horror set which also comes with a female vampire and the treasure chest which I painted alongside the mimic in episode of this series.  You can buy the pieces individually:
  • Sarcophagus - SKU: 77137
  • Treasure Pile and Candelabra - SKU: 77138
The Well of Chaos (Bob Ridolfi SKU: 77136)

This is a pretty foreboding miniature and with a name like The Well of Chaos I had to fill it with blood.  I did have visions of lighting this with an LED from below (which I still might do) so I filled the well with a mix of 5 minute epoxy (Araldite) and a tiny bit of red paint.

The stream of blood is simply a strand of fibre optic which is fixed into two holes one in the well and one in the spout.  this is then coated with the red epoxy.

The Altar of Evil (Bob Olley SKU: 77139)

For such a scary sounding mini this is pretty uninspiring but it has a big enough cavity that I can run fibre optics from the skull eyes to a green LED.  Should liven things up a bit.

The Dias (Me SKU: free to download from Thingiverse)

In order to light up these minis I'm going to need a battery compartment and to be honest these two items need to be elevated for dramatic effect.  I designed a 3x4 inch dias to accomodate both miniatures as seen in the crypt photo above.

Bones Progress

Reaper Bones: 245 - Painted: 63

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