Monday, 13 April 2020

Reaper Bones #12 - A Monstrous Menagerie

12 episodes in and we have only painted one big monster mini.  Let's fix that with this monstrous menagerie.  

In alphabetical order we have the:

Clay Golem (Ben Siens SKU: 77170)

Muscles upon muscles upon muscles, this is such a great multipurpose mini.  Imagine your heroes surprise when the weakling they thought they were going head-to-head with transforms in to this Jekyl like man beast.  I thought it was too good a sculpt to give it a terracotta warrior treatment.

Reaper Bones Clay Golem

Eye Beast (Julie Guthrie SKU:77043)

Reaper's homage to the quintessential Boss Monster that is the Beholder.  A two part mini which came preassembled.  Judicious use of miliputt was needed to hide the seam between the top and bottom sections of the head.  The addition of eye stalk tentacles at the bottom are a great way of incorporating a flying base and the abandoned sword is a neat touch.

I've been a fan of Julie Guthrie's sculpts for years and loved this mini from the first moment I saw it.

Reaper Bones Eyebeast

Griffon (Jason Wiebe SKU:77156)

Probably one of the best Griffon sculpts on the market and an essential creature for your wandering monster collection.

Reaper Bones Griffon

Marsh Troll (Jason Wiebe SKU: 77152)

I love the addition of the spine plate reminiscent of some 1950s B Movie dinosaur.

Reaper Bones Marsh Troll

 Owlbear (Jason Wiebe SKU: 77156)

A bit of a contentious "more owl than bear" sculpt on this one and the one legged stance makes the mini droop towards the floor.

Reaper Bones Owlbear

Bones Progress

Reaper Bones: 245 - Painted: 42

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