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Sector 55 Blues - Prog 5 - The Big Wig

Sector 55 Blues is a Judge Dredd Campaign using the Savage Dredd unnofficial Savage Worlds Expansion.  This is an online only game with members from Dragons Keep Roleplay Club.

Judges Cully, Hammer, Teal and Uthred are deep inside the Sewers under Sector 55 RESYK.

We're Going Deeper Underground There's Too Much Panic in This Town

The Judges progress is slow as they negotiate there way through the network of circular sewer tunnels.  As they enter a 20ft wide mainline sewer the flow current of sewage gets significantly stronger and they opt to keep to the small ledges rather than wade through the middle of the pipes.  

As the team approach a large 10ft wide tunnel in the left wall Judge Teal makes the mistake of moving of the ledge and her leg is almost swept away from under her.  She cries out reflexively.

"Wooooahhhh!! mind that last step, it's a doozy"  

The others hear a low gutteral rumbling coming from this side tunnel.  Whatever is in there knows we are coming.  Hammer takes point and moves into the tunnel his torch illuminating an exit into a large cistern some 50ft away.  As the team approach Cully spots a flash of red leap across the gap from left to right.  Uthred takes point and flashes his torch round the walls of the cistern.  A yellow hairy creature about the size of a large cat is cautiously circling the far side of the cistern trying to stay out of Uthred's torchlight.  He bends down on the right corner of the tunnel and coos at the creature in an attempt to entice it towards him.

Hammer stands on the left corner and the unmistakeable short sharp BRRRUPP of 3 GP rounds sprays the creatures blood, hair, skin and viscera across the opposite wall.  A red flash leaps from the right to the left of the entrance and attacks Hammer.  Cully spies two more of the furry follicular foes circling round the cistern behind Hammer but her shot is blocked.  

Uthred swiftly crosses over the 10ft wide tunnel mouth and feels the edge of the cistern under his right foot.  He doesn't have time to screw a hypo round to take the thing alive and smashes down on Hammer's head with this day stick.  The creature falls off into the water like a well tenderised synthi steak.  Cully shouts at Hammer "Move!!" and he sidesteps off the ledge immediately dissapearing beneath the fetid greenish water.  She lets loose a 3 shot burst taking out the first wig and Uthred takes out the second.

As they scan the churning waters large bubbles about the size of footballs  begin to float to the surface.  Cully uses her infrared scope to pierce the surface and spies two heat masses one about human sized and the other a huge 15ft across.  BRRRUPP retorts Cully's Lawgiver as she exercises carefully aimed deadly force.

The tension and the water errupt simultaneously as a massive hairy beast breaks the surface flinging Judge Hammer into the cistern wall like a ragdoll from a hairy frond like appendage.  Uthred shoots and the creature belows in pain moving north to the safety of the 20ft tunnel which feeds the cistern.

Giant Hair Beast in the Sewers of Mega City One
The Giant Hair Beast burst forth

Uthred and Cully give chase but the beast moves swiftly as it swims.  Cully opts for an incendiary round but misses showering the opposite wall with burning napalm.  Uthred scans the tunnel with infrared but his sight is clouded by the heat bloom from the burning napalm.  Cully moves past and scans with her scope,  nothing.  

In the darkness ahead the Judges hear the creature roaring as it rends at metal smashes the synthi-crete walls of the sewer behind it.  Walking further up the tunnel Cully sees that the creature has collapsed the tunnel sealing itself off from the world behind.  A slick of blood oozes down the middle of the tunnel.

Small Hair Beast Stat Card    

Small Hair Beast Stats

Giant Hair Beast Stat Card

Forensic Judge Quincy's Analysis

Just as the Judges exit the sewers Judge Quincy radios through his report on the scrap of skin from the cat's mouth and the strands of hair from Dwayne Rockson's apartment.  Both test positive for high levels of background radiation and the DNA is a 99.8% match for that of a rabbit.

The Judges decide to return to sector house for fresh uniforms, get Hammer tested for dsyntery and to turn in the samples to Judge Quincy.  

The Forensics lab is a chaotic scene as labcoated technicians try to wrestle hair beasts into cages scattered around the lab.  A dishevelled Quincy is angry and barks at the Judges

"If you've got another of these drokking things I don't want to see it.  They've been coming in all morning.  The Sector's infested!!"   

He waves a bottle of shampoo which the Tek Judges have confirmed is in fact a very powerful tranquilizer. 

Uthred informs Quincy that they've just encountered a big one, 5 times the size of the one he is currently holding.  Quincy's eyes widen "If they grow that big we've only got a couple of days before the Sector is done for.  He waves the Trend Toppers plastic bag at them.

"Whoever's selling them needs to be found and stopped before this gets out of hand!!"

Duncan Spivey and Melvin Why?

The Judges know from the business card that these two budding entrepreneurs are based in Sector 163 near to the great Western Wall that isolates Mega City One from the Cursed Earth.

The Great Western Wall - Mega City One's defense against The Cursed Earth

They quickly head to Day Watch Commander Judge Belloch who tells them to take an H-Wagon over to Sector 163 and call the Day Watch Commander Judge Govan.

It is a 3 hour flight to Sector 163 and by the time they arrive local Judges have already arrested the pair of toupee dealers.

Govan takes them down to the interrogation cubicles where Spivey and Why? are being held for questioning.  

Duncan Spivey
Duncan Spivey
Spivey is a cool customer who tells the Judges that he hasn't got anything to hide and that his lawyer Half Asian Bill Kraken is already en route.  Judge Govan reveals to the team that Bill Kraken has been in the building for 2 hours but they have stalled him with Justice Department forms whilst they waited for the team to arrive.  Spivey tells the Judges that they will get nothing from him even if they do the Nice Judge Nasty Judge routine.  

Hammer decides to pump the other co-owner of Trend Toppers for information.



Melvin Why?
Melvin Why?
Melvin Why? is a comletely different character.  He seems to be enjoying his incarceration a little bit too much.  He tells the Judges that Spivey is just a money man and that he is the real brains behind the operation.  He does all the market research and marketing.  

He's out to change the world for the follicly challenged citizen's of Mega City One.

However, Duncan is mixed up with some dangerous individuals.  He knows who sold them the wigs and they have to promise him that they will put him in a cell where this guy can't get to.  They agree and he blurts out the name Rabies Nesbitt.


Judge Govan smiles and in his thick scottish accent replies

"Well, well, well, Rabies and I go way back.  I know exactly where to find him and this is the evidence I've been searching for to put him behind bars for a long, long time."

Leading them down to the motorpool where 5 gleaming lawmasters sit waiting.

"It's been a long time since I've been a street judge but today is a good day to get back in the saddle.  Let's ride!!"

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