Monday, 4 May 2020

Reaper Bones #15 - The Road Warrior - Mad Max

This week we hit the big 50 and to celebrate I share with you another classic miniature:

Rex, Dark Future Hero (Tim Prow SKU:80009)

This guy has been called many things over the years; The Road Warrior, The Bronze, The Dark One, a raggedy man, Captain Walker, a scavenger and even a blood bag.  Most of us just know him as Mad Max.

Armed with his trusty sawed-off double barrelled shotgun (and less trusty ammo) he cuts the perfect silhouette in the post apocalyptic wasteland.  In the kickstarter he was packed with the Chronoscope miniatures, but let's face it, he's a genre all to himself!

Reaper Bones Rex Dark Future Hero (Mad Max The Road Warrior)

Bones Progress

Reaper Bones: 245 - Painted: 50

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