Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Another Vintage Boardgame gets the Rescue Treatment

This is my copy of Judge Dredd the boardgame which I have had since I was 10.

Sadly along the way I managed to lose a perp.  Careless of me I know, but in my defence it has been 39 years and two house moves.

Judge Dredd Boardgame
Judge Dredd Boardgame (1982)

The miscreant in question was one Remington Ratner proprietor of Ratner's Rest Home for the Semi-Dead (which may have been a slight dig at the House of Lords) and featured in the story Body Sharks (progs 149-151).  

In game terms he is only semi dangerous (4) and body sharking is a mid level crime (5).  

Body Sharking and Organ Legging

According to the the 2000ADopedia (seriously needs a better name) body sharking is a very common crime and 1 in 4 (25%) of citizens will encounter body sharks in their lifetime.  Nevertheless Body Sharking and Organ Legging are heinous crimes and cary a mandatory life sentence.

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