Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Jessie's Prints - Episode 12 - Chimera

This week, I are mostly been printing...

I can't believe that I've been collecting minis for 40 years and I've never owned a Chimera especially as it is a classic monster of Greek mythology.  Well that's sorted now
The Chimera was a bizarre fire breathing three-headed monster which ravaged the countryside of Lykia (Lycia) in Anatolia.

From Thingiverse to Painted model in 7 steps.

I am concious that some people don't know what is involved in 3D printing so here are the basics.

1. Find your model on a 3D model warehouse site like Thingiverse.  

2. Download the STL files.

3. Open up the STL files in your slicer, I use Cura.  Plan your print by arranging the models on the bed and fine tuning your settings like supports, brim size and infill.  Save the gcode file to a removable SD Card.

4. Pop the SD card into your printer, select your file and start the print.

Cross your fingers and a few hours later (depending on the model) you will have a plastic model.  This print took 4 hours at 0.1mm layer heights (the finest detail I can get without changing out my hot end nozzle from a 0.4 to something finer like a 0.2).

Usually you only have to watch the first layer go down and any issues can be nipped in the bud early to save on plastic.  This print had small parts which wouldn't stay put on the bed so I added an 8mm brim around each part which did the trick.

Chimera - Hot off the Printer
Chimera - Hot off the Printer with lots of support material

5. Strip off any support material you added with a handy dandy pair of side cutters.  I also run a lighter over the surface to burn off any stringy hairs.

Chimera - This model had 9 parts
Chimera - This model had 9 parts

Chimera - Parts Assembled
Chimera - Parts Assembled but this model has big old gaps which need filling

6. Sand, Glue, fill and prime your model.  I normally prime with matt black and then do a Zenithal Highlight with white to give it some shadows where the sun doesn't shine.

Chimera Primed with a Zenithal Highlight
Chimera Primed with a Zenithal Highlight

7. Painting time.
Chimera - Painted
Chimera - Painted and ready for the games table

3D Printing is not a mature technology yet and is a hobby all to itself.

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