Monday, 12 April 2021

Reaper Bones #35 - Ragnaros, Evil Warrior

The last of my Reaper Bones evil warriors (for a bit), say hello to Ragnaros.

Ragnaros, Evil Warrior - Bobby Jackson (SKU: 77150)

I wasn't terribly enamoured with this sculpt to begin with.  He is basically an acre of plate and scale armour with a couple of skull motifs and a crude shield.  It wasn't until I got stuck in painting him that I decided that the shield was his best feature.

I painted it like dragon scale.  Ragnaros is so hard that after besting a huge red dragon he peeled off the side of it's face and stuck it on his shield (teeth included).  

Totally ridiculous, but then aren't the best fantasy bad guys totally ridiculous? I'm looking at you Damodar!!

Ragnaros, Evil Warrior
Ragnaros, Evil Warrior (SKU 77150)

Bones Progress

Reaper Bones: 245 - Painted: 127

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