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Sector 55 Blues - Prog 8 - Avast Me Hearties it be the Easter Pirate Kangaroo!

Sector 55 Blues is a Judge Dredd Campaign using the Savage Dredd unnofficial Savage Worlds Expansion.  This is an online only game with members from Dragons Keep Roleplay Club.

Judges Cully, Hammer, Teal and Uhtred gun their bikes North and the Lawmasters quickly outpace the scavengers.  about 30 minutes later they find a wide ramp on the East side of the canyon leading up and out.

Is that a Ship I See Before Me?

As the Judges make it out of the canyon and turn to the South they see a large vehicle belching black smoke approaching their position from the North.  Using the magnification of their gun scopes they see a ship trundling towards them it's figure head is a giant skull with three horns.  Aboard are a motley crew of 8 to 10 cannibal scavengers brandishing swords spears and crossbows. 

A Wheeled Pirate Ship
Black Ice Kanga's Pirate Land Ship - The Skull Duggery

Determined to get a closer look at the scavengers to determine if Rabies Nesbitt is among them, the ingenious Judge Cully straps her helmet to Teal's bike with surgical tape from Uhtred's medkit.  She patches her helmet cam through to her bike computer and Teal sends it on a recon mission.
They identify three masked figures and the recon mission turns into an attack run.  Teal's bike swoops in from the East side and blasts at the giant wheel with its Cyclops Laser and Bike Cannon melting a wide gouge into the spinning mass of iron.  The scavengers pepper the bike with crossbow bolts as it zooms past and the bike's auto preservation circuit kicks in bringing it to an abrupt halt.

Cully and Uthred with Teal riding pillion form a posse and ride out to meet the oncoming land ship.  Hammer does not move preferring to see how this plays out.  

Cully swoops in from the East strafing the unmasked crew members with her bike cannon and then picking off a few with her lawgiver.

Uthred swoops in from the West blasting the wheel with the bike's cannon doing some critical but not fatal damage.  The right hand wheel begins to wobble on it's axle.  The Cyclops Laser blasts a hole in the side of the ship and a skillfull Uthred pulls the bike in allowing the Judges to board the ship.

Cully swoops around to the rear and blasts at the remaining crew member on the port side of the ship.  "BUDDA BUDDA BUDDA" and her bike cannon shreds one of the smaller wheels under the belly of the beast.  The ship begins to veer left towards the canyon edge.  Hammer can almost see the whites of their eyes and with a twist of the throttle he engages the cannibal pirate ship blasting the wobbling wheel and strafing the left bank of small wheels taking out three.

Uthred and Teal quickly make their way out of the dark bowels of the ship up the stairs onto the main deck and teal shoots a musclebound pirate in the process.  Uthred fires a few rounds at what can only be described as a half man half kangaroo but does not deal a killing blow.  The creature effortlessley leaps the 20 feet over the balustrade landing a kick to Uthred's chest but the Judge is made of stern stuff and blocks the attack.

Cully fires a grenade round and plants it between two pirates on the sterncastle then opens up with all her bike weapons shredding the rear of the ship to matchwood.  With its support structure gone, the sterncastle deck collapses dumping one of the pilots on the ground and Cully leaps from her bike to engage the pirate in hand to hand.  Unfortunately she stuffs the landing and is stunned.

Hammer sweeps round and tears into the ship with his bike cannon felling the pirate at the ships wheel as the ship slowly grinds to a halt.

Uthred and the Kangaroo Captain trade punches as Teal shoots him with a GP round wounding him.

"I surrenders Law Man!" gasps the injured Captain Kanga "Parley, Parley.  What are your terms?"  

Black Ice Kanga

The captain of these scurvey dogs is Black Ice Kanga a heartless scoundrel who roams the high plains looking for shipwrecked travellers and other smaller pirate gangs.  What he catches he keeps and eats.  
Black Ice Kanga
Business has been tough these last few years as there's not much need for mutie flesh since Muldoon took over.

He tells the judges that he was hired to pick up the citizen and given specific instructions not to eat him.  
"A car came and picked him up.  It bore the insignia of Lord Vidal Muldoon.  You don't want to mess with him he's a vicious powerful overlord." 
He tells them that Nesbitt is one of Muldoons men and that they probably took him to Black Gold Mesa.  If the Judges launch an assault they will be cut to ribbons by Muldoon, he has too many men even for Judges.  

The Pirates of Scavcity had a non aggression pact with the freetowns but Muldoon wants to own it all.  He has already taken over Mutieville. 
He offers them a map of the region and says that the Pirate King will probably reward them for his safe return.  The Judges agree and he orders his remaining crew, first mate Toecutter, to launch the dinghy.

Map of the Cursed Earth
Recovered Map of The Cursed Earth

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