Monday, 5 April 2021

Reaper Bones #34 - Mangu Timur

Big dudes wearing plate are the stock in trade of epic fantasy tabletop Role Playing Games.

Mangu Timur - Bobby Jackson (SKU 77148) 

Mangu's got a big shield which gave me the opportunity to paint some planks.  He's also wearing some weird elven looking decorative hip guard over the top of his faulds (the little skirt which does all the hip and butt protecting).  I painted this antique gold but then felt that the viewers eye was drawn to the crotch area so gilded his pauldrons as well.  

Mangu Timur - Front
Mangu Timur - Front

Mangu Timur - Back
Mangu Timur - Back

Bones Progress

Reaper Bones: 245 - Painted: 126

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