Saturday, 23 May 2020

Miniatures Monday Goes Old School Saturday

I normally leave my mini posts until Mondays to show off the latest update on my Reaper Bones Painting Marathon progress. 

Well, I thought I'd spice it up and share a few of my other projects which have recently been completed (thanks to a spot of spring cleaning during lockdown).  Normal service will resume next week.

Vintage Citadel "Fiend Factory" Balrog - FF5 C31

An iconic miniature from the Fiend Factory range, this imposing winged demon has been one of those bucket list minis that I've been holding onto for some time.  Finally he has a paintjob worthy of the sculpt and this just makes me want to find more of these vintage "pre slotta" base Citadel minis to paint.

Citadel Fiend Factory Balrof FF5 C31
Citadel Fiend Factory Balrog (FF5 C31) - Buy your own
Thrud The Barbarian (LE12)

Readers of vintage White Dwarf will recognise this pin headed barbarian.  Created by illustrator Carl Critchlow he was White Dwarf's long running comic strip from issue #45 to issue #105.

An obvious pastiche of Conan the Barbarian, Thrud was entirely played for laughs and Carl has continued to draw him outside of the pages of White Dwarf in his own Thrud The Barbarian comic.

This is my Thrud's 3rd paintjob only possible due to the chunkiness of the detail (I never bothered to strip him of his previous paintjobs).  I am half tempted to track down the other 4 Special Edition Thrud miniatures Citadel have made over the years.

Citadel Thrud The Barbarian (LE12)
Citadel Thrud The Barbarian (LE12) - Buy your own

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