Tuesday 2 February 2021

Geeks and Gamers Social Media Calendar

My day job is a digital marketing manager and one of the critical elements of this is social media.  

Knowing what and when to post is a massive help when you are trying to create content and reach new audiences.  This principle is no different when running a gaming blog so here's my Geeks & Gamers Social Media Calendar. 


2nd January - Science Fiction Day - Isaac Asimov's birthday is the perfect day to celebrate all things Sci-Fi.  Have a game of Robo Rally probably the most anarchic robotic fun you can have this side of the Foundation.

12th January - HAL Day - On this day in 1997 the murderous computer HAL 2000 was born.  Interesting fact: take the letters of IBM and shift them down one character and you have HAL.

17th January - Star Trek Day - The Enterprise has the designation USS1701 which makes this the perfect date to celebrate going boldy.

29th - International Puzzle Day - celebrating all things puzzle such as jigsaws, logic puzzles, riddles, mazes, dexterity puzzles, and the sorts of things Chris Ramsay spends thousands of dollars on.


4th February - George A Romero's birthday - celebrate the life of the man who brought zombies to life in Night of the Living Dead with some zombie related memes.  Watch Warm Bodies one of my favourite zombie films and a great love story.

5th February - H.R. Giger's birthday - Without Giger's unique artwork the Alien franchise would probably be just a footnote in pop culture.  His first published collection of work Necronomicon was given to Ridley Scott before filming on Alien began.  He hired him and the rest is cinematic history.

H R Giger Space Jockey
H R Giger Space Jockey

8th February - Jules Verne's birthday - The grandfather of Science Fiction and master story teller was born on this day in 1828.  Who would have guessed that we would stilll be mining his work some 193 years later.

9th February - Frank Frazetta's birthday - The maestro of mucled men and scantily clad warrior women was born today in 1928.  His art pretty much sold a gazillion Conan paperback books and his collaboration with Ralph Bakshi on the cartoon Fire & Ice (1983) is the stuff of legends.


4th March - Gamesmasters Appreciation Day - Show some love for your gamesmaster and send them a nice meme.  They put in an awful lot of work behind the scenes so you can have a great adventure.  Want to become a Gamesmaster? Read some of my Gamesmastery articles.  

6th March - Dude Day - Put on your cardigan, don your sunglasses and raise a glass of White Russian to The Big Lebowski.

The Big Lebowski
The Dude raises a glass of White Russian in The Big Lebowski

17th March - William Gibson's Birthday - The father of Cyberpunk was born on this day in 1948 and he is still churning out great stories which capture the zeitgeist of humanity dealing with an every changing digital landscape.

25th March - Tolkien Reading Day - The grandfather of Fantasy literature.  JRR Tolkien literally wrote the rule book on epic fantasy storytelling.  "You shall not pass" until you have commemorated his work.


2nd April - Hans Christian Andersen's Birthday - Born in 1805, Danish author Andersen wrote many of the fairy tales that are ingrained in our cultural heritage.

5th April - First Contact Day - The date that Ephraim Cochrane successfully achieved Warp 1 in the Phoenix and humanity was visited by the Vulcans. 

28th April - Superhero Day - What is more heroic than supporting your community and protecting the lives of innocents?


4th May - International Star Wars Day - Surely everyone knows this one. Show your appreciation for the Galaxy far, far away and May the 4th be with you.

5th May - Revenge of the 5th - Because one day is just never enough to celebrate Star Wars.

25th May - Towel Day - Douglas Adam's The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy says that a towel is "about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have".  Aside from its purely practical uses, a towel has immense psychological benefits for the user.  A hitchiker should always know where his towel is. This is also Geek Pride Day so what better way to celebrate both by sharing a photo of you and your towel.


1st June - International Table Top Day - The one day on which everyone should dig out a boardgame and enjoy the simple pleasures of gaming with friends and family.

18th June - Clark Kent's Birthday - Celebrate Superman's alter ego and the archetypal everyman.

29th June - Ray Harryhausen't Birthday - The master of stop motion animation was born on this day.  Celebrate the man who brought mythical monster tales to life on the silver screen such as Jason & The Argonauts, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad and Clash of The Titans


2nd July - UFO Day - I know they don't exist, but they are a Sci-Fi staple from The Invaders to The X-Files the world would be a much duller place if we didn't have UFO Conspiracies

4th July - Independence Day - Is a double holiday when we can celebrate the day a rag tag band of survivors banded together to defeat an alien invasion and raise a glass to yours truly as this is also my birthday. 

27th July - Gary Gygax Day - Gary Gygax was born on this day in 1938 and alongside Dave Arnesson created the phenomena which is Dungeons & Dragons and spearheaded the popularity of Role Playing Games.  RPGs have been part of my life since I first discovered them aged 7 so I for one will be toasting Gary and the many years of joy his creation has brought to me over the years.


19th August - Judgement Day - The day that Skynet becomes self aware and humanity is brought to its knees by our new robot overlords in The Terminator (1984).  This is also the birthday of Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry so there's another thing you can celebrate.

20th August -Lovecraft Day - Celebrate the master of Eldritch Horror born on this day in 1890.  H.P. Lovecraft had a tragically short life but managed to change the face of literature with his many works.


8th September - International Literacy Day - Reading is a life skill that unlocks worlds of possibilities.  Read something, anything. Philip K Dick, Terry Pratchett, Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov, William Gibson, Peter F Hamilton and Raymond E Feist all come highly recommended.

19th September - International Pirate Day - Your chance to share pirate related memes shout "Avast Ye Landlubbers" and celebrate this Pastafarian Holyday because all pirates are divine beings.  What better way to celebrate than to play one of the many pirate themed boardgames you can find on boardgamegeek.  rAmen.   

21st September - Batman Day - Why? Because "I'm Batman!".


1st October - Dave Arneson's Birthday - Celebrating the other half of the team that brought us Dungeons and Dragons.  Read an RPG Book in Public and let everyone know that you are an RPG fan.

13th October - World Zombie Day - Go for a slow walk in search of brains.

21st October - Carrie Fisher's Birthday - Everyone's princess was born on this day in 1956.


17th November - Life Day - Immortalised in the terrible Star Wars Holiday Special (1978), Wookie Life Day is yet another opportunity to get your Star Wars geek on and pretend that your local woodland is the wookie homeworld Kashyk.

23rd November - TARDIS Day - The first episode of Dr Who (An Unearthly Child) aired at 5:15 on Saturday the 23rd November 1954.  One of the longest running TV franchises in history everyone has their Doctor (mine's Tom Baker) so show your love for timey wimey wobbly walls sci-fi fun.

Tom Baker Genesis of the Daleks
The Doctor explains how easy it would be to exterminate the Dalek race

25th November - Gazpatcho Soup Day - Fans of Red Dwarf will know exactly what I mean.  Celebrate with a bowl of tomato soup served piping hot naturally.


16th December - Arthur C Clarke's Birthday - A prolific sci-fi writer, futurist and the inventor of geostationary orbits which made global satellite communications possible.  You probably wouldn't be reading this without his contribution.

24th December - Christmas Eve - The night before christmas is of course an amazing Tim Burton movie but it is also the day that John McClane single handedly defeated Hans Gruber and his gang of Terrorists. Yipee Kay Yay Motherlover.

28th December - Stan Lee's Birthday - Probably the greatest thing to ever happen to Superhero comic books.

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