Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Ebay Joblot Challenge - Will it Dredd?

So I was cruising the fleabay, as you do, when I chanced upon a series of auctions for 15mm sci-fi minis.  Curiosity got the better of me and so I punted.  £12.50 later, I am the proud owner of over 80 of the little lead fellas and I have absolutely no idea what they are.

ebay joblot - 80+ Scifi minis

Cast a spell of Identify

First thing to do is to catalogue what I have and then I can determine how usable it will be in my next Judge Dredd game.

  1. 5 x Robots - these appear to be from the small but perfectly formed Robots range by The Scene.  I've never heard of this company before but these will complement my civilian robots nicely and they have that weird 1950s industrial look to them.  RRP £2.30 - Dreddability 10/10

  2. 8 x Cultists - This one threw me because their heads came seperately bagged.  They are packs LC100 and LC101 Cultists of the Octupus God, part of the Eldritch Horror (Little Carinthia) range by Khurasan miniatures.  Nothing about these minis stood out in the listings photo but they are probably my favourite of the entire joblot.  Being Khurasan minis they are hard to get in the UK and shipping is extortionate so I am really chuffed to get these.  RRP £5.45 - Dreddability 7/10

  3. 6 x Chicken Riders - I was amazed at how many different types of chicken rider you can get in 15mm, it's almost like it's a trope or something.  These would have come in super handy in my last Judge Dredd game which featured several sessions trekking through The Cursed Earth, do I want to return to that desolate wasteland so soon? Probably not but in any case these chaps are from Brigade Models and claim to be Tolero Cavalry with Spears.  RRP £3.50 - Dreddability 3/10

  4. 2 x Giant Terror Birds - An easy find this pair are Gandowana by Crom's Anvil.  They are big minis but extremely good value for money, as not only will they pass for Giant Cursed Earth Chickens but will they will easily stand in for the trusty Axe Beak in my fantasy campaigns - RRP £5.00 -  Dreddability 5/10

  5. 4 x Spy Cams - Spotted these on the Alternative Armies site in their Hordes of the Future range.  These are HOF45 Robot Scout Drones and will do nicely as Justice Department "eye-in-the-sky" surveillance drones.  RRP £1.20 - Dreddability 10/10

  6. 32 x Aliens - This gaggle of green skins (or blue, I haven't quite decided) are essentially the entire range of Akarr available from Ral Partha Europe.  My joblot included one pack of every variant in the range.  That's a total of 32 minis!!.  (RRP £18.50) - Dreddability 7/10

  7. 10 x Space Centurions - Unidentified sci-fi warriors with helmet crests .  Could easily pass for one of the more organised and well armed street gangs which are a regular feature of every sector of Mega City One - Dreddability 6/10

  8. 1 x Jet Bike Space Knight - This reminded me of the old 25mm Alternative Armies Space Crusader miniatures and I suspect is some long OOkeP vintage 15mm range.  Blow me down if it isn't one of the Ion Age Burgeon Grav Bikes.  The megways of MC1 are home to all manner of weird vehicles so I'm reasonably happy that this will work.  RRP £2.75 - Dreddability 6/10 

  9. 3 x Guns and a Shield - Loose weapons

  10. 2 x Random Aliens - Unidentified and will probably remain that way.  Nothing stands out about these guys and I will struggle to identify them in their current shiny state, possibly after they are primed they will reveal themselves. - Dreddability Unknown

  11. 3 x Human Space Adventurers - These are probably crew members from some range or other and will blend into my armed civillian population seamlessly - RRP £? - Dreddability 10/10

  12. 1 x Big Powered Armour Suit / Killbot - To be brutally honest this could be anything and is massively anachronistic with a big sword and shield.  It is in fact a Duxius MkIIIA "Bladesman" Battle Suit from Ion Age.  It might feature as a contestant in the droid wrestling rings of Meka-City (progs 271-272) or as some failed ABC Warrior expirimental close combat unit, who knows... RRP £6.00 - Dreddability 8/10 

  13. 10 x Ram Horned Women Warriors - These are the Shivan Sisterhood by Blue Moon Manufacturing available in the UK from Old Glory.  They could easily be an ugly girl gang of the future "The Horned Hellions of Sector 55" or "The Fighting She Devils".  I smell a Block War...  RRP £7.50 - Dreddability 7/10

  14.  1 x Space Knight - Spotted this chap in the Desteria Lancer Command Pack whilst looking at the Ion Age minis on the Alternative Armies site.  Totally out of place in practically any setting other than some proxy future crusade, but would pass as a droid of some description.  RRP £2.00 - Dreddability 5/10  

Total RRP of the joblot £54.25 and that's with 5 minis still to be identified.  What a bargain!! 

Pop a comment below if you have any suggestions which can help identify minis J, K & M.  Stay tuned to this channel for an update for future Judge Dredd session reports and find out how I painted them and what they


  1. I think M might be Blue Moon Manufacturing Shivan Sisterhood

  2. Sorry for the late response. I think you are right well spotted. Many Thanks