Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Old Skool Accessory: The Fighting Wheel

It sounds like some really cool martial arts weapon, or a futuristic Armoured Fighting Vehicle...

Nope it's a circular dial which helps you calculate your favourite weapon's Damage, Space Required, #Attacks, THAC0 and AC target number.
AD&D Fighting Wheel Game Aid #1 - Front
Obverse (Front): Battleaxe to Footman's Pick

How the heck do you use it? I hear you cry. 

You find your weapon of choice around the rim (all the weapons are there, some on the front and some on the back) and then dial in your level using the inner wheel. When your level and weapon are aligned your AC bonuses appear in the middle window. Simples...
AD&D Fighting Wheel Game Aid #1 - Back
Reverse (Back): Horsema's Pick to Voulge and Missile Weapons

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