Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Lands of Dual: It's a Crusade!!

Always late to the party but I get there in the end. 

My eagerly awaited Castles and Crusades books have arrived from the chaps at Games Lore one of the finest (and cheapest) web game stores here in the UK.  So now the hard work of converting The Lands of Dual over to C&C can begin in earnest.  In my post today were:
  • Players Handbook (Damaged apparently but I can't tell) - £6.99
  • Umbrage Sage (also slightly damaged on bottom edge) - £6.99
  • Monsters & Treasures of Aihrde - £16.49
  • Total (inc shipping) - £30.47 (in US that's approx $48)

I've already started work transferring some data over at The Lands of Dual site which is primarily aimed at the players but it's totally public and I'm open to comments.  I'll be cross blogging every now and then, mostly with session reports, creature features and NPC Biographies (as soon as the players have finished with them as we wouldn't want to spoil the surprise now would we).  Wish me luck...


  1. They might have discounted the PH because that one is an older printing. The newer printing has a few more spells and a different barbarian class.

  2. Is it massively different?

    All the web and bricks and mortar stores in the UK are out of stock of PHB and M&T and don't know when they'll be getting any in. My new campaign starts in 29 Days, I don't have much options for a real book (I hate PDFs of Rulebooks).

  3. Nope, not much different at at all, just a bit more material. There is nothing wrong with the version you have. I have that one as well and actually like having the two different versions of the barbarian class. There is an errata someone where on the Troll Lord site that lists the changes and actually provides the full description of the new class too.

  4. Here is the Errata: