Tuesday, 31 January 2012

3 abreast in a 10' Corridor: Photographic Evidence from J E Holmes

Jeff Rients recent post jogged my memories of playing with old school 25mm minis and this plate from Dr Holmes' book "Fantasy Role Playing Games" seems to support it.  Citadel and their 1 inch plastic bases have a lot to answer for.

From "Fantasy Role Playing Games" by J Eric Holmes MD (p177)

A tense moment.  The cloaked figure of the thief (Ral Partha) crouches listening at the door as
the rest of the party (Ral Partha) led by the Elf mage (Dragon Tooth) guard the corridor intersection.


  1. Excellent find. The scale systems in the 1e DMG make for fascinating reading - many arguments were had regarding the difference between squeezing x number of people down a corridor as compared to effective combat. Nonetheless, graph paper, floor plans and bases have made one figure per 5ft the law in so many games. Very interesting picture - is that chalk on cardboard? :o

  2. Definitely chalk on something, I think it's a blackboard or a sheet of ply which has been painted with black paint. Sadly my scanner created the moiré pattern giving it a cardboard texture.

  3. I think they used chalkboard paint on something... probably plywood or a dedicated tabletop.