Saturday 20 April 2024

Wow a 3D Modelling Competition I might be able to actually enter!!

So on my daily cruise of all things Printables I noticed that Joseph and the team had launched a new flash competition.

Design a Dice Tower

It's a simple task and one well within my design skills, so this weekend I am going to be knee deep in my favourite 3D design app Sketchup.

My Dice Tower History

My clubmates at Dragons Keep Roleplay Club know about my legendary bad luck when it comes to rolling the old plastic polyhedra.  Years ago I decided to take the human influence out of the RNG and buillt my first dice tower:

The Pringles Can Dice Tower - This is simply a discarded Pringles can (preferably with the plastic lid) and a whole bunch of bamboo skewers stuck through it to create a little spiral staircase.

The iPhone Box Dice Tower - One of my earliest makes on this website was for a portable dice tower made from recycled materials.  I can't believe that this was almost 12 years ago.  My how time flies and tools change.

Castle Gray Skull Dice Tower - My current favourite dice tower is Castle Greyskull which I printed on my old Geetech i3 Prusa clone back in 2020.  At the time it was my longest ever print and it barely fit withing the vertical build envelope of that printer.  It has served me well over the years but has strangely never graced the pages of this site as it predated the Jessie's Prints series.

Castle Gray Skull Dice Tower

Wish me luck...

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