Tuesday 23 April 2024

Bitten by the Aliexpress bug again

You go on Aliexpress to buy one thing and you end up with seven!!!

Akira Bike Construction Toy (241 Pcs) £5.63

The Lego monopoly is over guys and those ingenious chaps at Jie Star have come up with a fantastic little Akira bike which is Kinda Special - Lol.

Aliexpress - Akira Bike

Mandalorian Razor Crest Construction Toy (103 Pcs) - £3.11

I'm sure that this blatant ripoff of the Star Wars IP will have Kathleen Kennedy issuing legal letters.  But it's a fairly passable miniship version of the much beloved Razorcrest.  She is gone but never forgotten...

Aliexpress - Razorcrest

Tabletop Gaming Wound Counter - £1.50

This is such a simple design 2 acrylic plates (40mm x 19mm x 3mm),  2 plastic wheels (19.5mm x 3mm)  and 6 tiny 4mm x 3mm magnets.  The wheels have little numbers printed on them and they are mirror images of each other.  Honestly it's so simple it's a genius idea and it should be free...

Aliexpress - Wounds Tracker

1:100 Scale Baltimore Schooner Halcon 1840 (Wooden Kit) - £5.99

When I saw this complicated looking model kit I just knew I had to buy it.  Something to challenge the old modelling skills now that I seem to be into making model boats for some reason...

Aliexpress - Halcon 1840 Baltimore Schooner

Outdoor Shockproof Waterproof Case with Foam insert - £4.32

Given the absolutely exorbitant prices of miniature carry cases I put my money down on one of these bad boys.  It is properly watertight including a rubber gasket seal and made from some hard shiny ABS like plastic.  A bit on the small, but has enough space inside to comfortably fit an entire party of human sized minis.  I think the trick here is to do a lot of searching to find exactly the right size whihc works for your minis.  

Aliexpress - Miniature Waterproof Storage Case

7 in 1 Multi Tool Pen

So this is a bit of a random "Choice" purchase and was made just to ensure that I qualified for the free postage.  What can it do? I hear you say...It is one a pen, two a spirit level, three a cm ruler, four an inch ruler, five a smart phone finger, six a philips screwdriver and seven a flat blade screwdriver.  Amazing!!

Aliexpress - 7 in 1 Multi Tool Pen

But Why?

Well... I have a secret project which has gone a bit Pete Tong and I thought I might be able to rescue it with a...

STC15F2K60S2 Microprocessor - £1.26

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