Wednesday, 10 November 2010

What's in your DM's bag?

Whilst writing the article Trouble with Torchlight I thought it would be neat to share pictures or descriptions of the contents of your DM'S bag.  Bags can be SPECIFIC (the one you use for your favourite game or the one you're currently using, GENERIC (containing all the things a DM just can't be without) or FANTASY (a bag you wish you owned or could even exist in this dimension)

In my GENERIC DM's Bag I have:
  • Dice - I've forgotten these and then borrowed a players dice and blamed them for lucky monster successes.
  • Munchies - gotta keep the DM awake somehow.
  • Grid Paper - for drawing off the cuff maps when you're too lazy to
  • Note Paper - for writing secret notes when you're too lazy to take the player out of the room.
  • Adventure - yes once or twice I've forgotten to pack this, with hilarious consequences.
  • Character Sheets - Some players don't like giving back their characters at the end of the night, but I find it makes it easier to cope I have to NPC a player's character in their stead when they can't make it to a session.
  • Pens, Pencils and Markers - At my regular Friday night game we have a box of club resources such as dice and stationery.  We also use club battle mats (kitchen lino) so OHP pens come in handy for drawing walls and doors etc.
  • Beverage - My beverage of choice is mineral water.  It doesn't exacerabate the sugar rush of the munchies and keeps me alert and hydrated.

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