Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Troll Hunter

Caught this movie trailer on The Book of Worlds.  

Released in Norway on 29 Oct 2010, but so far no details on when it will be scheduled for release in the UK, I expect it will be straight to DVD.  Enjoy...

I can see this having lots of potential for a modern horror scenario, perhaps Cthulhu Now, Delta Green or Conspiracy X. How about mixing in a bit of Kaiju, Godzilla vs Grimetosser perhaps?

Update: This film was fantastic and everyone should see it.

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  1. UPDATE: I've seen the movie, it's pretty good. There's a bit of comedy and some quite shocking moments in it. It's "POV" style is reminiscent of Blair Witch and Cloverfield but it doesn't overly personify the role of the camera man, you rarely see him which means you feel like you're experiencing the action more. The CGI is passable and brings to life the Northern European folklore version of the Troll and this one doesn't have purple hair!!