Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sci-Fi Ship Morphs Part 3 - Cryo Tubes, Mess Hall, Transporters and Drop-Ship

Continuing the intrepid adventures of SS Morpheus, this week we add:

Cryo-Tubes and Mess Hall

For those deep space missions where you have to go to sleep during the long journey. This also introduces a new basic standard tile.

Without Doors With Doors

Teleporter Bay

Unless you have a shuttle, you need a teleporter to get you planetside.
Teleporter Room


If you're gonna have a shuttle you might as well have a dropship, just remember to shut the doors when you've left.

Dropship / ShuttleShuttle Bay Doors Open

Escape Pods

If you need to evacuate the ship use an escape pod and always come in handy for secret meetings, just don't let the computer lip read what you're saying... 
Escape Pods

Daves Mapper

All the tiles for this and previous posts in this series have been uploaded to, so go get mapping!

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  1. Great new tiles, but your "Previous Posts in this Series" links are flip-flopped :)

  2. Thaanks for the heads up. back links fixed.