Sunday 30 June 2024

My First Laser Cut Box and bases

Whilst it may seem to outsiders like I am just obsessed with laser cutting at the moment, I'm not.  There are other projects in the works but these are longer term and I am having a bit of a redesign of my makerspace in order to make the machines I have work seeamlessly together.

Chief of these was working out how to make my laser cutter actually cut and so I printed off a couple of Laser Focus Height Gauges from Thingiverse so that I could really fine tune my laser focus using the Ramp Method.

3D Printed Laser Cutter Height Guages

My First Laser Cut Box

I designed this on the free to use MakerCase website and it was a doddle.  Just plumb in the dimensions of your box, the thickness of the material and then move the sliders to determine the width and number of your finger joints.  Once you are happy the software will export an SVG file which you can edit further in inkscape or just drop into your cutter software of choice.

My First Laser Cut Box

The Maker Case software has lots of options including those cool curved corner boxes

Curved Corner Box Pattern

Miniature Bases

Whilst I was at it I drew up some simple miniature bases in inkscape and in 20 minutes I had a sizeable stack of collection ready to use for my minis.  This is a great use for hardboard or MDF offcuts and I can see that I will be making a lot of custom wooden pases in the future for my many modelling projects.

Laser Cut Wooden Bases for Miniatures

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