Wednesday 24 May 2023

Jessie's Prints - Episode 28 - Mega City One Street Furniture

This week, I are mostly been printing...  Street Furniture

Suicide Booth - Thingiverse: 734066

I'm a big fan of Futurama and there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to print off a few suicide booths for the citizens of Sector 55.  The model is very accurate but scaled far too large for my printer and so needed to shrink it to about 1% it's original size.  The model is also hollow and at my 15mm scale the walls became impossibly thin for my resin printer to print consistently.  

Futurama Suicide Booth 15mm scale

However, I did get a couple of decent prints which painted up nicely.  I also created some posters of the signage which I've included in my Judge Dredd Mini-Posters pack. 

Robot Food Stand - Thingiverse: 1645528

This is a great little model for designed for 28mm miniature wargaming game infinity but I thought it was such an interesting shape that it would make a great centrepiece for any plaza scene.

Printing in 15mm scale was easy enough although the robot arm is incredibly fiddly.  I chose to magnetise the roof of my stand to make painting and assembly easier which was a challenge at this scale.  The robot arm is a little too big for this model so I had it leaning out in "attract mode".

Klaw Dogs Robot Food Stall
In my games this is going to be Klaw Dogs, their moto is "Served Robot Fresh" and you can download this signage in the Judge Dredd Mini Posters Pack.

Klaw Dogs - Served Robot Fresh

Tardis - Thingiverse: 153977

I have always wanted my own tardis for a Judge Dredd game.  Not necessarily as a plot point but as a piece of background scenery.  I'm sure that if any of my Judges are out on patrol they will spot this immediately and either blow it up or have it taken away as an illegal structure without the correct city permits.

Tardis 15mm scale

Needles to say, if Judges ever encounter a timelord, they should arrest them on sight as an illegal alien.  I believe that possession of a timetravel device also carries a significant sentence these days.

Holding Post -  Thingiverse: 6023582 

Having GM'd a few games now, the one functional (storywise) piece of street furniture I've always needed are holding posts.  These are the ubiquitious plascrete features that adorn the streets of Mega City One to which Judges cuff their arrested perps to await pickup from a pat-wagon. They are tough, tamperproof constructions designed to stay intact in all but the most extreme conditions.  They are able to withstand most vehicle impacts and abuse from smallarms or handheld tools making them the perfect safe and sturdy way to keep your perps locked up.

Judge Dredd Mega City Holding Post

The holding post is my own design for my 15mm Judge Dredd miniatures but can easily be scaled up for 28mm games.  It makes a great addition as an objective marker or cover for games such as Warhammer 40K, Cyberpunk or infinity and is available for free download  at the link above.

Sci-Fi Benches - Thingiverse: 4293393

A rare model are this collection of benches designed specifically for Warlord Games Judge Dredd Miniatures wargame.  A great job on the model from Death Zap Studios who has also done some fantastic work on scenery and buildings for the Marvel Crisis Protocol boardgame.

Sci-fi Benches for wargaming

Sci-Fi Merchant Stall v3 - Thingiverse: 5924557

This model is a fabulous set piece designed to complement any wasteland or outer rim world but I think it looks great in a Mega City One pop-up shop sort of fashion.  It's hard to keep track of the changing trends inside the city and these prefab pop-up structures change vendors on a weekly basis much like the tastes of your average citizen.  

Sci Fi Merchant Stalls

I printed out a bunch of these funky little structures for my games.

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