Sunday, 31 July 2022

Jessie's Prints - Episode 21 - Some Stuff For Friends

This week, I are mostly been printing...  Stuff for Friends

Bigby's Sign of the Horns - Thingiverse 4048680

My current DM Mark is a bit of a metalhead and in honour of his awesome DMing I printed him this equally awesome spell effect for the famous D&D spell Bigby's Hand.  I hope I get to see it in play in the not too distant future. 

Bigby's Sign of the Horns

Baby Yoda Lithophane - Thingiverse 4073323

Printing a Lithophane has been high on my agenda for some time and as I was due to meet my 3 old work pals from the Ministry of Defence what better way to celebrate our reunion after Pandemic.

Baby Yoda Lithophane

This has been my biggest resin print to date and I really wanted to push the printer to see what it could do.  I am blown away by the mid bending properties of Lithophanes and how, on a budget resin printer, I can make photorealistic 3D art.  

Amazing and definitely fits into "optical Illusion" territory.

Displacer Kitten and Displacer Beast - Thingiverse 4830184  / My Minifactory

Fellow Dragons Keep member Kat told me that her DM had recently gifted her a Displacer Kitten as a moving-in gift so I quickly sourced this super cute mini and an equally awesome displacer beast to represent the kitten when fully grown.

Displacer Kitten

Displacer Beast

Of course no birthday gift can come without a presentation gift box and my old 3D Printer sacrificed some of it's foam packaging for a custom box.

Displacer Beast Gift Box

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