Wednesday 15 February 2017

Where have all the Cat People Gone?

The new group of characters going through the mill that is my campaign world The Lands of Dual contain two female Phylus, aka "Nyx and Styx the chicks from Xix."

I would love to find some miniatures to help the other players to visualise this loveable pair of rogues  but it seems like cat people are out of vogue.

Inspirational Images

Wilykit & Wilykat
from Thundercats
AniPuma and UniPuma
from Dominion Tank Police
All Purpose Cultural
Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
Aisha ClanClan the Ctarl-Ctarl
 from Outlaw-Star

The Miniature Possibilities

D&D/Pathfinder Minis

Dungeons & Dragons Miniature:
Archfiends 11-60 Catfolk

Darksword Miniatures Critter Kingdoms

More anthropomorpic than I would prefer and better suited to a game like Mouseguard.
Ella Cat Rogue Black Cat Avenging Thief

Reaper Miniatures

Cheetah Girl Cleo, Weretigress
Kyoko Silvers Cat Girl Tawny Firehair, Cat Girl

Alkemy (Alchemist) Miniatures

Beautiful sculpts and purrfect for the Al-Quadim inspired setting of Sankahar in my campaign world The Lands of Dual.

Dahlia ibn Malikh IĆ«cha bint Sorhna

Crocodile Games - War Gods of Aegyptus (Basti)

I have to mention the Crocodile Games Basti miniatures, unfortunately the vast majority of the femle characters are a bit too NSFW for my tastes, but this pair of Basti skirmishers would work... just

Basti Skirmisher WGE-013d Basti Skirmisher WGE-013e

Eureka Miniatures - Update

Thanks to reader Andrew who discovered these anatomically correct six breasted Bastet Cat Women Warriors from Eureka Miniatures Chaos Egyptian Range.  Eureka are based in far flung Australia but fortunately these can also be ordered from Fighting15s in the UK.

Call to Action

If anyone out there knows of any fantasy catgirl miniature makers please leave details in the comments below.  I don't want to have to unleash Edna, the Crazy Cat Lady on my players!!



    Check out the Bastets

    1. Thanks for the find Andrew, I've added them to the list above and managed to find a UK distributor.