Thursday, 4 December 2014

Dragonmeet 2014 - A Very British Con

This Saturday (6th December) is Dragonmeet 2014, it's certainly London's biggest RPG convention and one of the highlights of my year.

A few things have changed with the shift in organiser to Modiphius and this year promises to be a much bigger event at a new venue.

Saturday 6th December - 10am to Midnight

This year I'm aiming to play as many games as I can, in particular I'll be
  • Finding out what all the fuss is about with D&D 5e.
  • Seeing if I can find a game of DREAD to play
  • Playing some boardgames especially Pandemic Contagion
  • Trying not to add to the budget deficit...
I'll also be snapping pictures / doing very short interviews for the blog.  In particular I'll be trying to capture the changing face of tabletop gamers for a blog article.  If anyone is attending and would like to take part please feel free to contact me via the comments below or by sending me a google+ message to +Roleplay-Geek

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  1. Hi Antony,

    I am more excited about the seminars, especially Ken & Robin, and the Jeff Richards one about Glorantha.

    I have been blogging a countdown on Tales of a GM:

    Phil-the-Artist and I will be attending in matching Tales of a GM t-shirts, so if you spot us, do come up and say hello. We would be very happy to answer a few questions for you.

    Hope to see you there