Thursday, 16 October 2014

Delving the Dark with Dungeon Master G

Following on from yesterdays Geomorph related post, I've been following the exploits of the Dungeon Crafting crowd (The DM's Craft, TheDMGInfo and AJ Pickett) on YouTube for a while now and have been especially entertained by The DMG Info's latest series "Delving The Dark".

It's essentially, a video "walk-through" of a dungeon that Gareth has created using his take on DM Scotty's 2.5D tile system.  Each episode describes a single room and its contents.  The descriptions are system neutral and concise and the plot detail offered adds enough spice to keep the viewer and potential DM interested.

Whilst watching Level 1 Area 16/20, Gareth casually dropped that there were at least 5 levels to this dungeon...  Woah, that's gonna be a pretty sweet little series of vids. 

To avoid spoilers, this is definitely one for DMs only and it's a great showcase for how the 2.5D dungeon tiles can be used in your game.

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