Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Citymorphs #001 to #004

Inspired by Risus and Dyson, I've started geomorphing, but as I mostly enjoy DMing urban environments I thought I'd try something a bit different.  So here are the first in a series of Citymorphs:

#001 Palace District

Every city has to have a big cheese and they need a nice place to crash, of course the hangers on and other courtly types need somewhere to live close which makes for a similar architecture and style.

#002 Colliseum

The people have bread, so give them a circus.  Print off 2 of this tile and you have a whole colliseum for them to while away the hours watching chariot races.

#003 Harbour

Maybe your city is also a port, if so it'll need somewhere to land those ships and some warehouses to store goods and cargo.  It'll also need some sort of harbour master's buildings to control what comes in and what goes out.

#004 Municipal Buildings

With all this commerce going on there's got to be some sort of tax collection and administration going on.  Civil servants like nice buildings to make them feel important so grand architecture and domes are the order of the day.


  1. Very nice geomorphs and a welcome departure from the subterranean setting. #002 might be a bit difficult to join to other tiles on the northern side but I otherwise think these tiles are very useful (#003 makes a great corner tile, for example).

  2. Great idea Tony! I expect others will make citymorphs too now, especially if you continue to produce this series. BTW, what is the scale you're using?

  3. Thanks for the nice encouragement guys.

    @Risus - point taken about #002, it's more of a feature tile designed to be used by printing off a second copy and matching to that edge. I'm working on an oval arena which would be far more tileable

    @SpiralBound - Haven't really though about scale to be honest, but judging by the width of the road and the size of the galleon in #003 I'm guessing that the tiles measure about 500ft square (ie: a 10x10 grid of 50' squares) does that sound feasible?