Monday, 23 August 2010

Project Daedalus: Pt 1 - Beginnings

Before the outbreak of WW2 both Axis and Ally powers were involved in a scientific arms race to produce super-soldiers.  The most famous of these being Captain America.  The British attempt, code name "Project Daedalus" produced 5 superheroes members of the elite unit "D Platoon" who were lost in 1944 whilst carrying out a covert operation behind enemy lines.

D1 - Frank Jacobs (psychic), D2 - Michael Green (pyro-kinetic), D3 - Peter Rogers (strength), D4 - David Williams (energy blast), D5 - Steven Collins (flight). 

Unbeknownst to the British Government, their genetic secret lies dormant in the DNA of their illegitimate grandchildren, the PCs.

The PCs powers are awakened when they are irradiated by a dirty bomb set off by a terrorist in an attack on a famous London landmark.  They are the only survivors of the incident and are immediately isolated in a government facility whilst their powers slowly emerge...

Project Daedalus Part 2 - UFO from the Past

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