Monday, 23 August 2010

Project Daedalus: Pt 2 - UFO from the Past

A UFO has been spotted entering UK airspace and has crashed into the sea off the South coast and the PCs are mobilised to investigate.  The craft is submerged in a few feet of water, our heroes are required to don Scuba gear to swim to the craft. 

In the murky and silty waters they locate a disc shaped craft carrying WWII markings.  Once inside they discover the body of a German soldier (not a pilot) slumped over the controls of the craft, he is dead, his body is riddled with bullet holes and his fresh blood covers the instruments and controls.  In his jacket pocket is a scrap of paper with a grid reference scrawled on it.  When the PCs report back a salvage operation is launched and the craft recovered for further investigation.

Project Daedalus Part 3 - Behind Enemy Lines

This scenario was inspired by Kaptain Kobold's HOTT Nazi UFO Christmas Cracker Gift (Thanks Alan)

Nazi Flying Saucer

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