Roleplay Geek Publishing Products

Here you'll find a full list of products available to download from the Roleplay Geek Publishing Store on RPG Now/Drive Thru RPG.

  • RGP001 - Item Cards Set 1: Adventurer's Gear - Containing over 100 cards detailing miscellaneous equipment with which to equip your party of adventurers from an awl to a zither and everything in-between.  Includes systemless rules for use. Price: $1

  • RGP002 - Item Cards Set 2: Potions - 28 potions, each available in 3 vial and bottle sizes from 1 to 3 doses and a 1 dose blank version so you can make your characters play the "Guess the mystery potion" game.  Includes systemless rules for use.  Price: $1

  • RGP003 - Item Cards Set 3: Animals - 28 animals, each available with 4 colour coded backgrounds (1 for each of your players).  From mundane animals like the Cow or Cat to the exotic like the Ostrich and Zebra.  Price: $1
  • RGP004 - Paper Minis Set 1 - Animals - The 28 Animals featured in RPG003 each available as ink friendly paper miniatures with bases matching the 4 colour coded backgrounds of the item cards.  Bonus miniatures include 6 mundane animals to populate your village including Pig, Sheep, Goose etc. Price: $1

  • RGP011 - Sci-Fi Scenics Set 1 - Hover Taxi and Hover Car - Populate your street scene and spice up your firefight with this papercraft hovercar suitable for any sci-fi roleplaying game such as Cyberpunk, Traveller or Judge Dredd.  8 different colour variants available (1 vehicle per sheet) including Yellow Taxi Cab, Orange, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Grey & White.  Price: $1

  • RGP007 - GM Aids Set 1: Decision Deck - Tired of seperate Fumble and Critical Hit decks?  Want to simulate card or dice games in your RPG session without clumsy tables?  Want access to every dice in your bag at the turn of a card? Then the Decision Deck is for you.  Comprising a deck of 60 cards, on each card are printed results for:

    • Critical Hit - including instant kill results 
    • Fumble - excluding instant kill results
    • Card Hand - Poker style card hands
    • Dice Hand - Dice hand for 5 dice games like Yahtzee or Poker Dice
    • Dice Rolls - d60, d30, d20, d12, d10, d8, d6, d4, d3 and Coin Toss

    That's 14 products in one, and all for less than the cost of 1 d30 die!!  Price: $2

    Here's a video on You Tube showing how it's used

    and another showing how you can put your own together


  • RGP005 - Item Cards Set 4: Armour and Shields - Over a hundred different armour and shield cards with which to equip your characters.

  • RGP006 - Item Cards Set 5: Swords and Daggers - Over a hundred different swords, daggers and other bladed weapons with which to equip your characters.

If you need that special something for your campaign or you have an exotic item which you need, feel free to drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.