Sunday, 23 February 2014

Codex Nordica - Castles and Crusades Kickstarter

I'm doing plenty of new things so far this year, and one I can now cross off the list is to back a kickstarter and so I pledged my support for Troll Lord Games latest project for their rules light OSR style system Castles and Crusades. 

The Codex Nordica is a 128+ page book filled with all manner of content, from a complete guide to Viking Mythology for everyone's use, from new spells for characters to monsters for Castle Keepers/Game Masters.  The great thing about these OSR modules is that they're easy to repurpose for other Fantasy RPGs so even if you're not a fan of C&C, you can easily add some Vikings into your campaign setting.

The stretch goals already include 3 bonus adventures and Odin's Rune Tiles and if it gets to 300 backers, they'll throw in some custom C&C dice made by Crystal Caste.

The great thing is that they've already hit their funding goal so this can only get better.

For more details go to the Codex Nordica Kickstarter page.

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