Wednesday, 14 January 2015

UGS - A Chronic Illness that only affects Gamers

I suffer from a little know chronic illness that specifically targets gamers...

UGS or more commonly referred to as Unplayed Game Syndrome is a form of addiction which largely goes unnoticed until your wife, girlfriend or significant other suddenly decides to have...

An Intervention

That moment when you are faced with the true scale of your problem.  Namely that you have too many games in your collection some of which, for various reasons, you've never played.  Heck, some of them still have their shrinkwrap.

Just 5 of my Unplayed Games
Tigris & Euphrates, La Citta, Sylla, Outrider and Warcraft The Board Game
My immediate response was denial, then I said

"If I've played it, I can keep it, right?", to which my missus replied,

"No, you have to choose some games to keep and some to get rid of!"

Faced with an ultimatum I used my powers of indefatigable man logic.

"But how do I know what to keep?  I have to play them first to know if they're any good and if I should keep them!". 

In the cold harsh world of decluttering this plea fell on deaf ears, suffice to say I have a few weeks grace in which to decide what to do with some of these potential gems:

Tigris & Euphates - A pre-loved Hans Im Gluck version of this Reiner Knizia classic given to me a couple of years ago by a club member on the grounds that I will play it more than he does.  I feel really guilty that I've never played it and so will definitely add it to my New Years Resolution list.  He also gave me his much played copy of RA (also by Knizia) and I absolutely love playing it, so this is something I have to have a go at.

Outrider - A tabletop car combat game using playing cards.  This was also my first experience of Print on Demand and Drive Thru Cards, but I haven't found the courage or energy to clip out the tokens and print off the road tiles PDF.  I'm a massive car combat game fan, so really can't understand why I haven't played this yet.  To be honest I might just be sneaky and hide this and some other card games inside other games.

Sylla - This years christmas gift from my step daughter.  It's a semi co-op civilisation building game set in Rome and is highly likely to get played in an upcoming boardgame night.

Warcraft: The Boardgame - I picked up this fantasy wargame for some ludicrous price like 99p or something, a total no brainer really.  It has a lot going for it; nice components, hex based map, 4 different races and it's by my favourite boardgames company Fantasy Flight.   I confess I've never played a single minute of World of Warcraft on any computer or console so I don't really have any preconceptions about the IP other than that the box art looks a bit Warhammery.

La Citta - Another 2014 Christmas pressie, this time from my missus, La Citta (pr: LA CHEETA) is yet another civilization building game set in the Italian Rennaissance.  Lots of components and it looks like this might have the potential to turn into a long game even with its 120 minute estimated play time. 

I'd love to hear from any readers who also suffer from unplayed game syndrome.  Do you have any experience with any of these games? Which of them do you think I should keep or play first?  Do you have any boardgame gems in your cupboard which you're too embarrased to play or you've just not got round to playing?  Leave your comments in the box below.


  1. I feel your pain. While I am fortunate that my significant other seems to encourage the collection, I suffer from UGS, mostly relating to roleplaying games as I seem to purchase books for new systems all the time and never play them. I haven't tried any of the games on your list, but I think you have a solid strategy laid out (especially the hiding of card games in other boxes).
    Thanks for naming this unfortunate syndrome. Might have to start an anonymous group, where other UGS sufferers can get together and play some of those damn games!

    1. ssssshhhhh. She's not found my roleplaying games stash yet!!!

  2. Hi, I'm John, and I'm a UGS sufferer. I have suffered from this condition probably my whole life, but have only had to deal with it since getting married. At first it was a comment or two, and I compensated by having a room dedicated to such items. This room, known as the Batcave to myself and a few others, has not grown in size. In fact, I think it has shrunk, due to an increase in objects.

    I believe that there may be a cure. Digging a deeper basement for the batcave is not that cure, but definitely entertained.

    My wife hopes that there is a cure.

    Aaaannnddd..... I have no ending to this mini rant or admission. I hear your pain, fellow player, and can only empathize. I do like the idea that the support group is a play group. That fixes everything!!

    1. Welcome to the support group John, I feel your pain.

      Basement extensions are a popular thing here in London. Sadly I do not have the luxury and if I did, I fear that I would be forced to share it with the fridge freezer or worse the tumble dryer.