Friday, 12 April 2013

International Tabletop Day 2013 - Orpington - Photos

Better late than never, here are some photos from the first International Tabletop Day held at the Temple URC in Orpington, Kent, England.

Renier Knizia's Formula Racing
(this game is far more fun than this photo!!)
Formula Motor Racing

Reiner Knizia's fast paced formula 1 card game was totally new to me, but it was laughably easy to pick up the rules.  Essentially each player tries to get one or more of their cars to the front of the pack by playing cards which either promote a car (and the one behind it) or demote or remove a car. 

This game is all about knowing when to make your bid for the for front and making sure you have the cards to do it.  

I fell instantly in love with it's simple yet fiendish mechanic and I will definitely be hunting down a copy in the future.  Currently out of print


R to L: Paul, Richard, Apo and Mark
play my shiny new copy of Pandemic
A couple of days before International Tabletop Day, I left my job on voluntary early release after 21 years.  My work colleagues kindly gave me a copy of Pandemic as a leaving gift, so  what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than trying to rid the world of four deadly and highly infectious diseases. 

Jonas also brought his copy along including the "On the Brink" expansion.  Always fun and always fiendishly difficult we ended up playing four games without a single win.  Never mind there's always next time (unlike real life!!)

Robo Rally

R to L: Mike, Simon, Kai and Chris
getting their Robo Rally on
This classic game of robot programming chaos is a firm favourite with my regular friday group and it proved to be the same at Tabletop Day.

Not pictured but also played were;

Corsari -

A pirate themed suit collecting game which was far too abstract for me.

Paul's homebrew tabletop mecha fighting virtual reality arena game.  Like Battletech but with a unique theme which only Paul can explain.

Rto L: Carol, Jonas and Mel
playing Pandemic with added chocolates.

The GM-less game of epic history timeline creation.  We ended up creating a Victorian sci-fi alternate future where the Americans were in league with Alien invaders held off by a British Chinese alliance.

King of Tokyo

A fun little Yahtzee style dice game of giant monsters battling over Tokyo.  Another instant hit, simple to learn but with lots of tactics, strategy and of course luck.

Thanks to everyone who turned up and made the event a success despite falling on the Easter weekend.  Hopefully next year's event will be bigger and better.  Play more Games!!

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