Sunday, 28 April 2013

Goblin Aid - Raising Money for Kevin "Goblin Master" Adams

On March 20th, Miniature sculptor extraordinaire Kevin "Goblinmaster" Adams was brutally attacked in his own home by a couple of scumbags.  Thankfully, Kev survived the attack but suffered some pretty serious injuries.

The gaming community has rallied to support Kev in his time of need and, thanks to Ian Brumby (Fenris Games) and John Atter (Frothers Unite), The charity facebook page Goblin Aid was launched.  Unfortunately I passed on Salute this year, but Wargames Foundry were selling a "snorklings" blister of 6 miniatures including a self portrait mini of Kev.

Dear Tony Blair... has an excellent update post showing all the "greens" which have been donated by sculptors the world over to be cast into a series of boxed sets to raise money for Kev.

Thanks also to James "Grim" Desborough of Postmortem Studios for passing on the news.

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