Monday, 21 January 2013

On The Workbench: Ral Partha Oni & Ogre Mage

Doing some tidying up round the house,  I uncovered one of my old painting toolboxes which had some really proper old school minis it it, one of which was this old part painted Ral Partha Oni from their "Bushido" range, (specifically a two mini blister pack 53-908).

Ral Parth Oni (53-908b)
Ral Partha Oni 53-908b
I've always loved the strangeness of oriental mythology and in particular I'm a big fan of the TV series "Monkey", a version of Wu Cheng En's 16th Century novel "Into the West", so I thought I'd have a go at rescuing this one from obscurity.

Oni are evil spirits, typically depicted in traditional Japanese folkart as Demons or Ogres, and share some of the etymology of other buddhist myths such as the Chinese Gaki (Hungry Ghosts) and Indian Rakshasa (evil tiger headed humanoids) and are often depicted wearing a tiger-skin loincloth.  Japanese parents sometimes say "oya ni ninu ko wa oni no ko" which means literally "a child that does not resemble its parents is the child of an oni"

Continuing the oriental theme, I've also dug out a Ral Partha Ogre Mage from their AD&D Monsters collection (specifically blister RP-11-405).

Ral Partha Ogre Mage (RP 11-405)
This is a beautiful sculpt, but struggling to understanding it's complex clothing has prevented me from ever painting it.  So I did a bit of research (see the pinterest board) and have come to the conclusion that, it's actually quite simple.  The base layer (red) is a pair of leather studded Kote arm bracers overwhich is worn a full length sleeveless Haori Kimono (blue).  The confusion arises from the addition of the Hakama trouser skirt (yellow) which has deep vents in the sides allowing the wearer to access the underlying kimono's pockets (or whatever passes for pockets).
Ogre Mage (clothing deciphered)
Before anyone comments, I know I've painted the ogre mage's face red and it should be blue, I'm going for the red oni look on this one.  Incidentally, I've mounted this to a 40mm Battlefield Debris resin base from ebay store Foundations of War.

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