Saturday, 11 August 2012

Cyberpunk: Appendix N - Inspirational and Educational Material

In the Gygaxian tradition here is my Appendix N for Cyberpunk, a list of the books, movies and anime which have inspired my cyberpunk adventures since first encountering it in the very late 80s.  Also available on Pinterest. 

Please do not treat this an exhaustive list of what is and isn't considered cyberpunk, these are just the things which have inspired me, I will probably add to it when I get access to the deep recesses of my cortex.

Cyberpunk - APPENDIX N: Inspirational and Educational Material



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  1. Just throwing something in for people who may never have heard of it, as it's the biggest inspiration for my soon to be starting CP2020 campaign (keep an eye on the blog for cool stuff soon), and that's Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis. It's a comic book, instead of a novel, but at 60 issues and a handful of specials it's still a decent read, and well worth the look if you can lay your hands on a copy.