Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hard at work in The Lands of Dual, Super Random Saturday

Unfortunately work on my campaign world has kept me very busy in the limited free time I have, but I thought I could share what I've been upto.

Castles and Crusades Class Based NPC Generator

As some of you may know I'm using Castles and Crusades for the rules sytem in The Lands of Dual, and I've been winging it with class based NPCs for a while and thought it high time that I created a generator which could knock out stat blocks in HTML.  My programming skills are pretty limited so I usually turn to Excel for this sort of thing.

So far my Stat block looks like this:

NPC #1 (Level 7 HALFLING Paladin) STR (12), DEX (9), CON (12), INT (8), WIS (11), CHA (15) with Hit Points (44), wearing NONE Armour (AC:10). INIT (0) MELEE (6) MISSILE (6)WEAPONS: Hvy Crossbow (1d10), Sickle (1d4)

and the HTML output (which Blogger appears not to like! )

The generator can create upto 10 class based NPCs and I've configured it to give a choice of:
  • LEVEL - User can input individual levels for each NPC, Have all the NPCs one specific level, or randomly generate either LOW (Lvls 1-5), MED (Lvls 6-10), HIGH (Lvls 11-15) or HEROIC (Lvls 16-20)

  • RACE - User can either select one race (from the standard PC races) for all 10 NPCs or randomly generate each NPCs race.  This enables the generation of mixed race NPC parties or gangs.

  • CLASS - User can either select one class (from the standard PC classes) for all 10 NPCs or randomly generate each NPCs class.  This enables the generation of mixed class NPC parties.

  • ATTRIBUTES - User can choose to generate the 6 standard stats (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA) either totally randomly or LOW (values between 1-12), HIGH (values between 9-18) or along class lines where NPCs get one PRIMARY (values between 13-18), two SECONDARY (values between 9-15) and three NORMAL (values between 6-12) attributes.

  • ARMOUR - User can choose to randomly generate armour (or not) either Randomly, Random + Shield or give all the NPCs the same armour.

  • WEAPON - User can randomly generate each NPCs weapons from a subset of Melee and Missile weapons. 
Now I can generate my bands of brigands or companies of knights pretty quickly and also automatically create their stat blocks in either plain text or HTML ready for printing or for inclusion into the the campaign website.  Please remember that this is v1.0 so is probably buggy :)

Download Link

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