Monday, 19 September 2011

Magic Item: The Bar of Expectation

This curious item is a 1/2" square section ebony rod 8 inches in length.  It is tipped at one end with a gold cap and at the other with a platinum cap (the business end).  The rod holds upto 20 (2d10) charges and can be used once per round, a charge is spent each time the rod is used.

Using the rod enables the weilder to anticipate the actions of another.  However, the item is a fickle one and only it decides the outcome.

During combat the weilder points at a target and utters the command word (DM decides what the command word is), and the DM then flips a coin secretly.  If the result is HEADS the target always acts after the weilder and the weilder gets a free dodge or parry attempt whenever their opponent attacks.  If the result is TAILS then the opponent always acts first.

The rod can also be used out of combat at the DM's discretion, although it's effects have a time limit of 5 minutes.  Some example uses would be:
  • Assisting the weilder in winning games of skill or choice.  Predicting the outcome of a fight or 
  • Any form of prediction based on an opponents actions, thoughts and deeds.  Predicting the outcome of negotiation or haggling.
  • Assisting in following a target. the weilder always knows which route the target will take
Again the DM tosses a coin secretly and if the result is HEADS, the use will be positive for the weilder or TAILS will be positive for the target.

It cannot be used to predict random events such as the drawing of a random card from a deck or the throw of a dice, nor can it's weilder use it on him or herself.

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