Saturday, 19 March 2011

TLOD Campaign Report: The Teaser Trailer

Whilst running my current campaign game tonight I did something new and dropped in a teaser trailer. Whilst the PCs made their way back out of a forest after completing a mission they glimpsed a tower through a gap in the trees.  I made them struggle to hack through the jungle before being ultimately frightened off by a giant bear.

I hope that they appreciate the payback in a future session...

You can read about their exploits in my campaign site The Lands of Dual


  1. You will have to reinforce it somehow in their minds. That is often the trickiest aspect of sneak previews and teasre-trailers. As a rule of thumb, players generally need to be told anything that you want them to remember (that does not have immediate/dramatic impact on them) three times. These don't have to be direct referances; they could find an unusually white-coloured stone that reminds them of the tower walls, for example.

  2. That's good advice Mike. I blog the session reports in a seperate campaign site which I hope they will refer to, but it may be some time before they return to encounter this tower and they will need some reminders along the way.